Pourquoi apprendre le français?


Grade 5/6 researched, thought about and talked about why it’s bon to learn a language. Here’s what they came up with:

–          understand culture

–          have fun

–          good for travel

–          can speak to new people

–          helps get a job

–          new opportunities

–          education: helps with English and maths and further studies

–          change your perceptions of the world

For an example of how learning languages helps us explore the world, have you ever thought about how we express sounds? Check out all the ways humans try to sound like dogs, in this picture by James Chapman:

worldwide woofs

For more information about languages learning, click here. Or specifically about French, click here.

Can you think of any other reasons languages are good to learn? What languages have you learnt? What are some of the ways languages are involved in your life?