The Weather

Le temps

 Quel temps fait-il? : How is the weather?

Il fait beau : It is fine.
Il fait bon : It is nice.
Il fait chaud : It is hot.
It fait froid : It is cold.
Il fait mauvais : The weather is not good.
Il pleut : It is raining.
Il neige : It is snowing.

Il ya du brouillard: It is foggy.

Il fait du vent : It is windy.

Il ya un arc-en-ciel : There is a rainbow.

Il fait du soleil : It is sunny.

Il fait du vent : It is windy

Il ya des nuages :  It is cloudy

La tempèrature est de ….. degrés : It is ….. degrees

Au Clair de la Lune lyrics

Au clair de la lune
Mon ami Pierrot
Prete-moi ta plume
Pour écrire un mot.

Ma chandelle est morte
Je n’ai plus de feu
Ouvre-moi ta porte
Pour l’amour de Dieu.

Au clair de la lune
Pierrot repondit
Je n’ai pas de plume
Je suis dans mon lit.

Va chez la voisine
Je crois qu’elle y est
Car dans sa cuisine
On bat le briquette

La journee Francaises

A big thankyou to all our French Day helpers: ‘un grand merci pour toute l’aide on our French day!!!’
A day of fun and education, with some wonderful petanque displays, incredible works of art and puppetry, singing, and delicious crepes. We would love to hear about anything you cook with your bouquet garnis!
Here are some photos pour votre amusement:

French Day

French Day Jeudi 20 Septembre

Our MalmsburyPS fun French day will be happening on Jeudi, 20 Septembre. Find something bleu , blanc ou rouge and wear your French colours on the day. Enjoy a crepe, create a French masterpiece or puppet, make a bouquet garni, and play petanque. French performances and singing will also be de riguer! So practise your French songs and allons-y!


Bienvenue, bonjour and welcome to our new French Blog at Malmsbury PS.

We have begun Term III with the senior classes concentrating on mastering the days of the week, months and talking about the weather.

Junior classes are exploring the days of the week, and all the different colours of the rainbow!

Great plans are afoot this term! We plan to build a puppet theatre so that we can use it for conversation practise and  performances in class. We also hope to use it for une grande finale in the last week of term when we have our magnifique French day.

So, get your bleu, blanc et rouge decorations together and get ready for more news coming soon!

Madame Sam