Jacques Tati

Les Grade 3&4 aiment les aventures de Jacques Tati, comédien français. Ses films sont amusants et nous montrent la belle France!

The Grade 3&4s like the adventures of Jacques Tati, a French comedian. His films are funny and show us beautiful France!

Ici il est facteur qui distribue à vélo.

Here he’s a postman delivering by bike.

Ici on voit un appartement incroyable à Paris.

Here we see an incredible apartment in Paris.

Que pensez-vous? Quel moment aimez-vous le plus?

What do you think? Which moment do you like best?

La Journee Francais Photographs

Some wonderful photos from our magnifique La Journee Francais. Thanks to Jali Kuyateh for a wonderful Kora perfomance, and Thais for the African dancing and drumming. Some wonderful masks were created by Sofie and Kyle. Coby and Sarah-Cait participated enthusiastically in the drumming, and Hamish really got into the dancing. Ceanna and Isabel sang beautifully, and Tess created a wonderful wood house for our play. Clayton and Shay were great readers for our French performance of ‘Les Trois Petits Cochons’. Merci to everyone who helped out and got involved!

Journee Francaise le 22 Aout! French Day on the 22 August!


Bonjour tout le monde!

Don’t forget to wear your bleu, blanc et rouge for French Day on Thursday the 22 August. The theme for this day is to celebrate many French themes, including the connection that France has with Africa. We are lucky to have Jali Kuyateh playing the Kora and telling us a little about his instrument, then we will be making Animal masks, learning some African drumming and dances, and practising some French songs and a play.

The morning will culminate at recess when we will enjoy some performances and celebrate our learnings (and perhaps eat some French and African food too!)

Parents  are welcome to help and participate too- we’d love to see you then!

A bientot