Joyeuses Pâques

In our first lesson back, Preps, Grade 1&2 and Grade 3&4 were learning about les Pâques (Easter) in France.

We practiced saying Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter) to each other.

We looked at the different chocolats délicieux that French people eat at Easter.

We listened to a story about how, as well as the Easter bunny, flying cloches (bells) bring chocolates to French children on Easter morning.


How did you celebrate les Pâques? Do you know of any more Easter traditions like the flying cloches?

Jacques Tati

Les Grade 3&4 aiment les aventures de Jacques Tati, comédien français. Ses films sont amusants et nous montrent la belle France!

The Grade 3&4s like the adventures of Jacques Tati, a French comedian. His films are funny and show us beautiful France!

Ici il est facteur qui distribue à vélo.

Here he’s a postman delivering by bike.

Ici on voit un appartement incroyable à Paris.

Here we see an incredible apartment in Paris.

Que pensez-vous? Quel moment aimez-vous le plus?

What do you think? Which moment do you like best?