Pourquoi apprendre le français?


Grade 5/6 researched, thought about and talked about why it’s bon to learn a language. Here’s what they came up with:

–          understand culture

–          have fun

–          good for travel

–          can speak to new people

–          helps get a job

–          new opportunities

–          education: helps with English and maths and further studies

–          change your perceptions of the world

For an example of how learning languages helps us explore the world, have you ever thought about how we express sounds? Check out all the ways humans try to sound like dogs, in this picture by James Chapman:

worldwide woofs

For more information about languages learning, click here. Or specifically about French, click here.

Can you think of any other reasons languages are good to learn? What languages have you learnt? What are some of the ways languages are involved in your life? 

Joyeuses Pâques

In our first lesson back, Preps, Grade 1&2 and Grade 3&4 were learning about les Pâques (Easter) in France.

We practiced saying Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter) to each other.

We looked at the different chocolats délicieux that French people eat at Easter.

We listened to a story about how, as well as the Easter bunny, flying cloches (bells) bring chocolates to French children on Easter morning.


How did you celebrate les Pâques? Do you know of any more Easter traditions like the flying cloches?

Les monstres de Grade 5&6

Grade 5&6 have been drawing and describing monstres. We’ve used number, colour and body part vocabulary to write French sentences about our monstres. We then (messily) made playdough using a French recipe and modelled our monstres. Everyone’s creations were incroyables!

Voilà nos monstres:

tous les monstres cmpd

Voilà a few example sentences:

Jacob: Il s’appelle Regarder et Crier. Il a six petits yeux rouges.

Chiara : Elle a cheveux rouges et un nez vert. Elle s’appelle grand rouge.

Josh : Il a deux yeux bleus de faiseau de laser. Il a des cheveux du feu.

Jake : Il s’appelle Manticore. Il a deux jambes orange. Il a une petite tête jaune mais sauvage.

What do you think? Do you know how to say monster in any other languages?